6-Month Programme

the 6-month


CONSULTATIONS 2 x 60min consultation per month
WORKSHOPS 1 x 60min practical workshop per month
CONTINUOUS SUPPORT support between sessions (text messages, emails)
EXTRAS additional materials such as foods (vegetables, teas, cooking oils, spices, grains and more), DVDs, books.

All consultations and workshops are one-to-one and in person.

£199 per month or £140 per month for a programme excluding the practical workshops

The luxury of the 6-month programme is that it allows enough time to:

  • build real trust between the coach and the client
  • move forward at the client’s pace without any pressure
  • make continuous progress but also experience setbacks and learn how to manage these
  • focus more on the area of Primary Food – not the food on your plate but everything else in life, for example your job, relationships, home environment, all of which can nurture you or contribute to ill health and low energy levels

This programme can be used to address any of the areas which health and wellness coaching deals with, such as weight management, stress management, overall fitness, digestion, sleep and energy levels. To find out more about my programmes please go to About My Coaching Programmes.

If you are ready to start the programme, or if you would like to find out more, please book your Initial Consultation.
Call me on 07936 664 867 or send me an email at anna@annadesogus.com