New Year reflections on spirituality

New Year reflections on spirituality Christmas is over. Time for end-of-year summaries and New Year plans and resolutions. I assume all of you had lots of free time over the holiday period and had many opportunities to reflect on life, perhaps pray, meditate or try to find answers to some of the biggest questions of … [Read more…]

Eat soup!

Welcome back to the blog after quite a long break! Today I just have a quick message to share with you: Eat soups! Soups are a great way to get vegetables into your diet and as we know, most of us don’t eat enough vegetables. Moreover, warm soups in the winter are a great meal. … [Read more…]

Discover Cavolo Nero, the Tuscan Kale

I encourage everyone to regularly try out new vegetables. Challenge yourself to try out a new veg every week or at least once or twice per month! It is a little culinary adventure to cook something you’ve never cooked before. It is a risk too, but I’d say: feel the fear and do it anyway! The … [Read more…]

Is health one of your real priorities?

Do you agree with this statement? How often do you find yourself dealing with things which seem urgent but aren’t really important – responding to text messages straight when they arrive, looking at notifications on your phone etc. Do you prioritise what is actually important to you in the big picture and is this what … [Read more…]

Fragrant herbs

FRAGRANT HERBS Earlier this month I spent a wonderful week in Sardinia, my husband’s homeland. Warm evenings spent in my mother-in-law’s garden inspired me to write about herbs this week. I started photographing various plants as I was impressed with how many useful herbs one can grow easily on a very small piece of land, or … [Read more…]