Fresh, responsibly sourced fish delivered to SW London

Are you happy with the choice of fish in your local supermarket and satisfied with the quality of the fish sold there? Or are you lucky to have a fishmonger or a farmers’ market close to your home where you can find fresh fish? Or do you feel like getting hold of the best bass fishing rod and venturing out to catch fish yourself?

I have recently found out about FAIRCATCH, a local company which offers fish deliveries in SW London, based on a system similar to a veg box scheme. Their main selling point is that they promise to get your fish from boat to plate in 24h. That sounds good to me! Moreover, they care about sustainability and use low impact fishing methods.

Fish box

Add some variety to your fish menu!

If you’d like to eat fresh, locally – caught, sustainably sourced fish regularly and without having to worry where to get it from, Faircatch might be for you! I have tried it out for over 1 month now and found that it was great not only because I was getting good quality fish but also because the element of surprise and not knowing what you’ll get each week was adding some extra excitement and meant that once in a while I was challenged to cook something I have never cooked before!

Fresh fish

Good for you, good for the environment

Guy Dorrell, who runs the company, is very friendly and you can always just give him a call if you have any specific requirements. Click here to read an interview with Guy and learn more about how Faircatch operates and what the benefits are.

Fish box

Faircatch have nearly 10 pick up points in SW London. If you live elsewhere, investigate if there is a similar fish box scheme in your area. Let me know if you find one!

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