Introduction to my blog + the green soup made of stinging leaves!

How exciting to be writing my first article for this blog! I intend to cover a variety of topics here. There will be recipes, film and book recommendations and my observations and reflections on various subjects. I will make sure you find many helpful tips here as well as a lot of inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.  Let’s get started!

Today I cooked a green soup for the first time in my life. And it was delicious! I received a  bag of stinging nettle tips in my weekly vegbox and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Luckily I found a nettle soup recipe here:

The soup was simple to prepare and it tasted great. I do not have a hand-held stick blender so instead I waited for the soup to cool down and then poured it into my NutriBullet. Once blended, I reheated the soup in a saucepan.

I have to say I was quite nervous as I kept worrying that the nettles will still be stinging after cooking, but the texture and the flavour of the soup were fantastic, so now I know there is nothing to fear!

The nettle is a great source of vitamin C and iron. The plant is at its best champion in spring. If you’d like to pick it yourself, make sure you collect only the tips and stay away from big roads and busy areas where there is a risk of pollution and ground contamination. Beautiful  British countryside must be full of fresh healthy nettles, so this is where you should be looking for them!

Have you ever eaten the nettle in any form? Or do you stay away from it? Have you ever eaten any other type of green soup? Share with me in the Comments section! Perhaps you have recently found a different unusual plant in your local shop or vegbox? I’d be curious to hear about it!

Nettle soup


  1. Kate

    I notice in the recipe on rivercottage that there is olive oil added to the soup at the end. Doesn’t the oxidation of the oil due to heat cause negative effects in our bodies? I guess olive oil wouldn’t be that bad as it’s mainly the polyunsaturated fats that can cause harm when heated. By the way, my dad loves stinging nettles as he believes in the various beneficial properties of this plant and he never lets us take it out from the garden 🙂

    • Hi Kate, well spotted. To be honest, I didn’t use any olive oil or Tabasco. I just added some creme fraiche.You are right of course that some oils should not be heated as they can have a negative impact on our health when they go through the process of oxidation. However, I would say that a few drops of olive oil added to your soup should definitely be fine. The oil won’t really be heated that much and moreover the antioxidants present in olives are really powerful, so it is quite a safe oil to use. I hope you will prepare the nettle soup for your dad to try!

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