My tips for New Year’s Resolutions or How to channel your New Year energy?

My tips for New Year’s Resolutions or How to channel your New Year energy?

The start of a new year means new energy for many of us. New motivation, new ideas, new drive to make improvements to our lifestyle. Below you’ll find a few ideas from me on how you could invest into personal growth this January, keeping your fitness and health in mind.

In no particular order (OK, apart from the first one which I wanted to make the first one!):

1. Try health coaching!

Before I start recommending others, I thought I’d just let you know that initial consultations with me are only £30 until the end of January! When working with my clients I focus on raising awareness of the root causes of the problem and developing individual, sustainable solutions.

As an integrative health coach I can help you make improvements when it comes to your diet, eating habits, physical activity, sleep, stress management and work – life balance. Sounds like a lot right? The thing is, it’s all connected. To develop lasting habits, you cannot take one area and work on it in isolation. You have to look at the context and that’s how you’d look at things within a health coaching session with me.

Sessions take place in Wimbledon, last 60min and as mentioned, in January it’s only £30. I highly recommend you book a session now to kick-start a happier, healthier 2018! If you’re interested, just contact me on or on 07936 664 867.

2. Diets don’t work!

In case you just want to go on a diet this month, read this article from the Independent, as a reminder that diets don’t work. Watching what you eat does provide a multitude of benefits however. I for example, also take a natural health supplement. It was been working great for me so far, and I highly recommend it. Here you can Learn More About It if you are curious.


A 4 week online programme to help you feel well in your body NOW.

For less then £40 you can sign up for this 4 week programme to help you feel positive about your body NOW. Not when you will get slimmer, fitter and more toned. Not next month and not after you complete that next challenge you set yourself. This programme is aiming to help you develop body confidence and improve your body image.

The author of the programme, Taryn Brumfit, made a great documentary on body image a while ago. It is called EMBRACE and I will be organising a screening of this great film this year so watch this space!

In the meantime CLICK HERE for full info on the Embrace You programme.

4. Sign up for the 8 week long sugar reduction programme: I quit sugar

Starting on Thursday 4th January!

It is now commonly known that we are all consuming very high amounts of sugar every day and that it does our health no good. If you want to learn about more about why sugar isn’t great and go through a 2 month programme that will make you less dependent on sugar then this programme is worth looking at. CLICK HERE for more information.

This is a structured programme, so it’s for people who are happy to get a meal plan, shopping list etc. I haven’t tried this programme myself yet but have known about it for around two years now and I think I might actually finally try it out in 2018! Though I am generally not the type that thrives on prescriptive programmes, so I am still hesitating but am very tempted to give it a go!

5. FREE worldwide online movie screening event

Starting on Wednesday 3rd January!

By signing up for this free online event, you will get access to 4 interesting documentaries, including FOOD MATTERS and HUNGRY FOR A CHANGE, which are both films I often recommend to my clients. CLICK HERE to see details of the films and to sign up for the event.

When I have signed up for these kind of online screenings in the past, I was often stressed that I had to watch a certain movie only within the 24h window of the film being available for free online. However, I think that for this January event, they will make the films accessible for a few days longer, so I think it’s worth signing up, even if you end up only watching one of the four films or only reading the content on the development of healthy habits, which is also included.


There you go! Here are my New Year ideas for you! If you find any of it useful, I’d love to hear about it of course!

To a healthy, happy 2018 and to staying curious and open-minded!


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