My approach

my approach

Here are my values as a coach. This is what matters to me. If you like what you read below, it’s very likely that we would be a great coach / client match and therefore could achieve very positive results!

    – face to face communication, coaching only in person (apart from skype sessions when clients are away for longer periods)
    – programmes designed around each client’s individual needs and goals
    – recommendations kept simple so that they can be applied immediately
    – workshops helping clients to acquire new skills in order to transfer the theory of healthy living into everyday life
    – consultations taking place in the heart of Wimbledon, a few minutes’ walk from Wimbledon station
    – workshops taking place at local food shops, at the Wimbledon Farmers’ Market,  in local parks as well as in clients’ homes
  • FUN
    – DVDs, books and various handouts to keep motivation and inspiration levels high throughout the programme
    – lots of positive energy and a good dose of humour to make difficult tasks manageable


My consultations are client centred and client led. This means that rather than me making assumptions about what it is that will help you, you are the one to decide what you want to focus on and which areas you’d like support with.

The two main concepts which I use are:

– Primary and Secondary Food
– Bio- individuality

The Primary and Secondary Food concept is the essence of a holistic approach, meaning we look at various areas of your life rather than just food. According to this concept, the food you eat from your plate is the secondary food, whilst your career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality all constitute primary foods. Balancing primary and secondary foods is key. In other words, no amount of kale and avocados will make you healthy and happy if you are ignoring the fact that you are undernourished in other areas of your life.

Bio-individuality is a term meaning that everyone is different and there is no one solution that fits all. Whether we’re discussing the perfect diet, sports routine or things like how many hours you should sleep or how often you should eat. There are numerous factors such as gender, age, occupation, ancestry, individual likes and dislikes and many more, which all have an influence on what works best for you. This is why in my programmes, rather than getting ready-made solutions, you will be encouraged to start experimenting with various ideas and making an effort to really find what works best for you.