I offer one-to-one running coaching packages as well as group sessions. Get in touch with me if you want to become a better runner! With the right training, you will be able to run further, faster and in a more efficient way! And you’ll enjoy it too!

I’m a qualified England Athletics’ Coach in Running Fitness and hold a valid coaching licence and insurance.


Who is this suitable for?

– beginners who don’t know where to start and would like some guidance, structure and extra motivation

– runners who have been running on their own for a while but would like to get better results from their training – be it increase the distance, improve speed, work on running form, increase consistency in training, add variety

Coaching packages include:

– initial assessment and chat to see where you are and set your goals
– video analysis of your running technique
– one-to-one running sessions (track, road, trail)
– personalised training plans
– on-going support via email / text messages to monitor your training and keep motivation levels up
– access to group sessions in Wimbledon

Packages are bespoke and can be as basic or as comprehensive as you want them to be! You can pick & mix from the elements listed above depending on how much time you’ve got and how much support you’d like to get.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about the packages, please get in touch with me via email on or call me on 07936 664 867.


I started my own group in Wimbledon called Run Together Wimbledon. It’s a mixed ability group and we meet in front of Wimbledon station every Monday at 7PM. Scroll down for more details. It’s a fun group and 1st session is free so just come along to try it out! All levels welcome! Here is the group’s website:

I also coach the Get Active Wandle Valley Merton group every Wednesday evening in Morden. To find out more please visit:

Finally, I am a member of the Wimbledon Windmilers club. I do my own training with the Windmilers and I help out as a coach too. For details please visit:

Run Together Wimbledon

WHEN: every Monday at 7PM
WHERE: meeting in front of the main entrance to Wimbledon Station
DURATION: 60 – 75min (but don’t worry, it is not continuous running 🙂
PRICE: £10 per session
PAYMENTS: when booking on the page above, you can select online payment or cash payment on the day


For details and to sign up for a session, please visit the group’s page here:

This group is part of RunTogether, a programme run by England Athletics.


If you want to boost your running fitness and have fun, then you should join us!

– Have you set yourself a goal of being able to run a certain distance in 2017?
– Would you like to get fitter & lose weight through regular running?
– Are you preparing for a race?
– Do you run regularly but find it a bit boring?
– Do you enjoy exercising outdoors but find it hard to go out on your own during winter?
– Do you need a boost in motivation and an incentive to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

If you have answered yes to at least one of the questions listed above, then you should join us for the Monday evening run in Central Wimbledon!

RUNNERS OF ALL ABILITIES WELCOME! Beginners and experienced runners will all be challenged.
The minimum requirement is that you are able to do a 10min continuous run.


The sessions are specifically designed for a mixed ability group. We do NOT do a 1h continuous run, where the slowest people feel like they are holding everyone back and the fastest feel like they are not really improving their fitness at all. What we do are structured sessions with various elements: warm up drills, strength exercises, speed intervals, hill repetitions and more.

In the main part of the session we often do repetitions of a set distance. Stronger runners will aim at more repetitions, covering more distance at a higher speed and slower runners during the same time will do less repetitions, yet they also will be pushing out of their comfort zone and will be challenged at their current level of fitness. There are of course breaks to catch your breath too!


– a dynamic & fun form of exercise
– boost in motivation guaranteed – this will help you build consistency in the training you do on your own too
– each week a different type of workout (speed, endurance, strength)
– sessions including exercises developing agility, mobility and balance – all crucial for good running form, injury prevention and an efficient running style
– inclusive and fun atmosphere – this is not a ladies only or ultra runners only group. Run Together Wimbledon is all about the benefits of training together with various types of runners.