Testimonial Tatiana

I did a 3-month health coaching programme with Anna and am very pleased with the results and with how much I’ve learned. My eating habits have improved, I am much fitter, I have lost some weight, my family eats more vegetables and I feel quite confident that shall I ever face the issue of weight gain in the future, I will know how to look for the root causes and how to address the situation.

The sessions with Anna were inspiring and what I liked the most was that her advice was always specifically tailored to my personal situation, taking my family and work commitments into account. During our sessions Anna asked various questions that really made me think about certain aspects of my life. I gained clarity over what were the key elements of my lifestyle that had a negative impact on me and that needed attention.

Anna’s coaching goes well beyond diet and eating habits. She will encourage you to look at the big picture. She didn’t give me a list of dos and don’ts or good and bad foods, which frankly I was expecting. Instead, she helped me gradually introduce new, good habits in an enjoyable way and her advice was easy to follow.

As mentioned, my family started to eat much more vegetables. And it wasn’t a painful process. To be honest, my family hardly noticed it! Any mum will know that this is an important success! Moreover our family dinners became an enjoyable ritual rather than rushed, chaotic meals. And while I still often eat with my phone or a book in my hand, overall I am more present and notice that thanks to the coaching programme with Anna, I added more colour and more flavour to my life and to my plate!

I would definitely recommend Anna to anyone who cares about their well-being and who wants to make improvements which will last.

Tatiana, 41, Wimbledon